Traffic Generation

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You’ve got the perfect website or e-commerce store. Now what? You will need to start driving traffic to your asset.

The Internet is a pretty big place right now. You can do a Google search for almost anything and find thousands or even millions of results. Just because you have a website or e-commerce store, that doesn’t mean anyone will magically find you. If you want to be found, there’s a good chance you’ll have to do some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and marketing.

SEO Services

We can work a little magic known as SEO that will help drive traffic your way. We’ve got a full bag of tricks to market your site and drum up your business.

We stay up-to-date with what the search engines are looking for when presenting results to viewers and work with you to make your website even better.

What do our SEO services entail? It starts with a site audit where we check things like how quickly your pages load and whether or not you’re mobile friendly. Then, we look at the content on your website or ecommerce store.

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When people use a search engine, they are usually looking for answers to questions. We guide the search engines to recognize what each page of your website or ecommerce store is about so the search engines can present the best answer to searchers. We evaluate each page to be sure it’s focused on just one idea, then, using market data, choose a keyword to represent each page.

Then, we bundle it all up in a neat package for you to review. When you’re ready to be found, we’re ready to help you get it set up and set up right.

Social media analytics

Traffic from Social Media

Social media has the ability to be a major source of traffic to your site. The larger presence you build on social media, the more you can rely on steady social media traffic to your site.

Each social network is different, but to get an immediate boost in your social traffic, there are some steadfast rules to follow for all your social channels.

We can help you get your social media traffic rolling.

Looking for a bespoke service?

We specialise in giving our customers a complete, bespoke package to help them build an online presence and develop their business.